Class Descriptions

Queer and Trans Yoga

Do you want to practice yoga in community without encountering frustrating experiences of heterosexism, misgendering, or transphobia? Are you interested in practicing in community with other LGBTQIA+ folks? Do you want to explore the intersections of queerness and spirituality?

This class centers the experience of LGBTQIA+ folks to create a safer space for practice and exploration. We will move, talk, meditate, reflect on our identities and our experiences, and build community through practice. Everyone is welcome. Come practice and build community together.

ASL Yoga

ASL Yoga is a series yoga class taught in American Sign Language. All Deaf, Deaf-Blind, hard of hearing, and hearing folks are welcome, as long as you can understand a class in ASL! We will learn an overview of basic yoga philosophy and a variety of yoga poses and flows (taught in a step-by-step manner), with each class building on the one before. We will discuss yoga philosophy and how to put it into practice in our everyday lives, learn breath practices, meditation techniques, and yoga poses and flows, and develop and strengthen a thoughtful, loving, and supportive spiritual community in ASL!

Somatic Yoga for Trauma Healing and Nervous System Resilience

Have you had experiences of trauma that you feel you’re still carrying around and processing? Are you interested in somatic exploration and learning more about your own nervous system patterns? Do you want to use yoga, movement, breathing, and other practices to process through and release and shift energy, and find more resilience and ease in your body and in your life?

This class is designed both for those who have specific trauma histories, and those who don't but who are interested in learning somatic practices for exploring their systems and processing their experiences, and for cultivating more ease and regulation in their bodies, nervous systems, and lives. Join us on a journey of self-awareness and resilience!

Yoga for Body Liberation: Cultivating Community for Body Positivity and Liberation

Do you want to explore your relationship with your body in a safe environment?

Do you want to build community around body positivity, size diversity, and fat acceptance?

Do you just want to do some yoga, movement, and being with your body in an environment where there is space for your body, and no judgment of your body and your experience in your body?

This class brings together movement, breathing, discussion, journaling, reflection, and community building to explore and strengthen our relationships with our bodies. You can share as much or as little of your process as you wish with the class. This is a safe space for all bodies, genders, and experiences. Let's come together to explore, discuss, learn, and reflect, and make the world a little safer for all bodies, including our own!

In all of my classes, all people, bodies, genders, races, sizes, abilities, ages, and levels of experience with yoga are heartily welcomed and encouraged.

I'd love to have you join me!