Somatic Yoga for Trauma Healing and Nervous System Resilience

Have you had experiences of trauma that you feel you’re still carrying around and processing?

Are you interested in somatic exploration and learning more about your own nervous system patterns?

Do you want to use yoga, movement, breathing, and other practices to process through and release and shift energy, and find more resilience and ease in your body and in your life?

This class is designed both for those who have specific trauma histories, and those who don't but who are interested in learning somatic practices for exploring their systems and processing their experiences, and for cultivating more ease and regulation in their bodies, nervous systems, and lives. Join in on a journey of self-awareness and resilience!

In all of my classes, all people, bodies, genders, races, sizes, abilities, ages, and levels of experience with yoga are heartily welcomed and encouraged.
I'd love to have you join me!