Resilience for Changemakers

I initially got into yoga (which later led into yoga therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and everything else I now do and offer) in part to heal and replenish from activist burnout. As someone who comes out of queer, social justice, climate justice, anti-free-trade and globalization, anti-racist, and fat acceptance/ body positivity movements, I'm passionate about explicitly leaning on and talking about how our spiritual and physical practices can replenish and sustain us in our important, but sometimes draining and often incredibly urgent, work in the world. And lately I'm also particularly curious about and interested in how we can show up to our work differently with the support of our practices, which in turn can shift the sustainability of our work, and the experience we have within it.

I've been offering in-person day-long and weekend retreats aimed at renewal, rejuvenation, and resilience for changemakers for the last couple of years. Changemakers, organizers, activists, healers, and others working for justice deserve support in their work that can show up for the conversations that they need to have, and without needing to fortify against possible additional harm in healing spaces that don't have an explicit analysis of power and privilege.

I am naming this explicitly as another aspect of the work I do, or a different side of the coin from my offerings of trainings in social justice, anti-oppression, diversity, inclusion, equity, and harm reduction for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, yoga practitioners, and Buddhist, meditation, and other spiritual practice communities, independently, and through Bending Towards Justice.

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