It's my intention to add a bunch of different resource pages here, over the next couple of months, with links to articles, videos, books, websites of organizations, curricula, and any other resources that are helpful for folks in understanding some specific topics, namely:

     --Racial justice (particularly, though not exclusively, for white folks wanting to educate themselves (ourselves) and figure out how to show up for racial justice work and movements in this moment (May/ June 2020))

     --Social justice, especially as it relates to yoga, teaching yoga, facilitation, somatics, and movement

     --How to teach (yoga, somatics, movement, etc) in liberatory, welcoming, inclusive, and justice-oriented ways

     --Combatting fatphobia, sizeism, healthism, and ableism

     --Health At Every Size

     --Trauma, somatics, and the body-mind connection

     --Trauma and social justice

     --Cultural appropriation

     --And more...

These pages will be a work in progress, and I definitely am not claiming to be the one and only ultimate expert on any of this. I just spend a lot of time putting together resource lists for trainings and classes and workshops, and then finally I thought-- what if I had a giant compendium of resources on my website that was open and accessible to everyone?

I hope this way we can all benefit from the wisdom and teaching and writing and brilliance of the individuals and communities that is out there to learn from.

Let's learn together, and read, and listen, and watch, and integrate. And then let's use our new knowledge and understanding and perspective to show up better, and advocate, and agitate, and hold space, more skillfully and effectively.

Yours in love and rage and grief and practice,

May 2020