Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

with Kyra Haglund and RW Alves

February 22-24, 2019

Santa Clarita, CA

Yoga Yoga: 24421 Walnut St Santa Clarita, California 91321

Friday February 22: 4:30-8:30pm
Saturday February 23: 9am-5pm
Sunday February 24: 9am-5pm

This training is for yoga teachers, social workers, clinicians, and individuals working with communities with trauma.

This 20-hour, 3-day training (Yoga Alliance Certified) is designed to offer learning about:
• Shock, developmental, complex, and collective trauma
• The stress response and the nervous system
• Somatic therapy tools for resourcing and discharge
• Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations that support greater self-regulation
• Trauma informed cueing and sequencing
• Practice teaching
• Social Justice basics
• Self-awareness (how our personal life experiences inform our work)
• Vicarious trauma and Self-care

It will give you tools from the growing field of trauma research, yoga, and mindfulness to manage, and even resolve, symptoms of trauma. Our aim is to equip yoga teachers to teach to students with trauma and to offer tools to those working with those with trauma in other capacities.

Learning Objectives include:
• Ability to recognize the important role of body-based interventions in trauma recovery
• Understand the body’s neurobiological response to threat and how to restore a sense of safety using mind-body modalities
• Learn specific mindful movement practices and means of integrating them into group and individual therapeutic work that will help clients cultivate greater self- regulation and affect tolerance
• Consider epidemiology of trauma and trauma healing as social justice

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