Integrated Movement Therapy Practitioner Training

Are you a yoga teacher who wants to learn how to work with trauma or special populations, adapt your yoga teaching more skillfully when working with certain students or conditions, or apply the tools and teachings of yoga therapeutically?

Are you a mental health therapist or other clinician who is interested in incorporating more movement, mindfulness, and yoga into your work with clients, or incorporates some but is looking for more tools and skills to do so?

Do you want to gain skills and knowledge in how to hold healing space for people going through various life challenges or experiencing specific diagnoses, from a holistic foundation of partnership and hope?

Integrated Movement Therapy Training is for YOU!

In IMT Basics, you will learn about:

  • the deeper philosophical teachings of yoga, not just poses and breathing
  • how the eight limbs of yoga form the basis for the IMT model
  • the Three Overarching Philosophies that all of IMT is built upon
  • how to create an Optimal Learning Environment to enable clients to reach their full potential in your work together
  • the Six Core Principles that form the foundation of all the techniques of IMT
  • how to apply the framework of IMT in any work you do now or in the future

In IMT Level One trainings (Adult, Child, or Teen), you will learn:

  • how the Three Overarching Philosophies apply to specific age groups and populations
  • how to utilize and harness the Six Core Principles in working with specific diagnoses and challenges
  • what the Optimal Learning Environment looks like with various client populations
  • how to use the koshas (different levels of being) to work powerfully with clients
  • specific techniques that we use in Integrated Movement Therapy sessions
  • how to scaffold any technique or practice to the appropriate level for any client
  • how to integrate what you learn in your IMT training into the work you're doing right now

Register for an IMT Training today and get started on your journey!

My complete 2017 schedule of IMT trainings (in Seattle and New York City) will be posted soon here

You can read more about Integrated Movement Therapy as a modality on my Yoga Therapy page

Integrated Movement Therapy is a holistic, strengths-centered, yoga-based therapy modality developed by Molly Lannon Kenny at The Samarya Center in Seattle, WA. 

On Molly's website, you can also:

The cost for IMT trainings is:

  • IMT Basics........................................................$125 ($90 if registered and paid in full two weeks in advance of the training)
  • IMT Level One..................................................$525 ($475 if registered and paid in full two weeks in advance of the training)

To register:

You will know that you are registered for the training you requested and that your full payment has been received when you receive a confirmation email. I will send out exact times and location details as the training date nears.

For any questions or more information, just email me and I'll get back to you just as soon as I am able!

If you're interested in seeing me as an IMT client, check out my Yoga Therapy page for more information.

Here's hoping I'll see you soon in an IMT training, or another class or workshop.

I'd love to have you join me!