Do you want more connection, grounding, vitality, and ease in your life?

Do you want a yoga therapist or somatic practitioner who works from a framework of partnership rather than a framework of pathology?

Do you want to practice yoga asana where you can be accepted exactly as you are, and where poses are adapted to your body, not the other way around?

Do you want to practice the whole yoga, all eight limbs, and explore how that applies to your life on and off the yoga mat?

Do you want to explore the intersections of spiritual practice, yoga, and social justice? Are you interested in discussing and learning how to create yoga spaces and spiritual practice communities that are welcoming, accessible, and justice-oriented?

Are you a queer, trans*, or other LGBTQIA person, larger-bodied person, or activist who wants to work and practice with someone has some similar experiences and who works from an anti-oppressive and body positive framework?

Join me for classes, workshops, trainings, yoga therapy, private yoga sessions, or sign up below to get updates on my latest offerings! I look forward to connecting!

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body positivity



Trauma-informed yoga

Social justice


for every body

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I offer:

  • Integrated Movement Therapy (yoga therapy) sessions
  • private yoga sessions
  • yoga classes, particularly for queer and trans folks, larger-bodied folks, folks wanting to work specifically on body image, body positivity, and body liberation, folks wanting to work specifically on trauma healing and nervous system regulation, and Deaf folks (in American Sign Language)
  • Somatic Experiencing sessions
  • yin yoga
  • iRest Yoga Nidra
  • Reiki
  • consultation (particularly on working with queer and trans students and communities, body-positivity and size acceptance, accessible asana, Integrated Movement Therapy, diversity and inclusion within yoga, and yoga and social justice)
  • training in Integrated Movement Therapy and Samarya Yoga
  • diversity and anti-oppression training for yoga teachers, meditation practitioners, and other spiritual practitioners and communities
  • workshops on various topics, including: yoga and social justice, diversity in yoga, body positivity, teaching yoga to larger bodies and bodies with various abilities and flexibilities, the spiritual in the every day, lovingkindness, yin, iRest Yoga Nidra, yoga and the nervous system, and trauma-informed yoga